Oil Coolers.


Oil cooler cores are made using NISSENS plate and bar construction. This allows for them to be used for high-pressure applications. All tubes have an internal turbulator giving greater heat transfer between the fluid and aluminium core.The construction allows for pressures up to 16 bar to be used.

These cores are also suitable for cooling air or water.They are available in 45mm,63mm,94mm and more if required.


Maximum tube length 1450mm, max width 604mm. Again combinations of all types can give you a size that you may require.There are 9 types of fin available with a rating of 100% down to 25%, this allows for you to decide if greater airflow across the core is required. Then you would use a more open fin to acheive  this.Currently only the 45mm core can be curved but all can be shaped to suit your application.


Radicool are at this time working to develop a lighter core more suited to motorsport applications.